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School Cloakroom Trolley

Mobile Cloakroom Trolley with Seat

Dimensions: 1500w x 500d x height (select from menu) 15 hat & coat pegs on each side. Supplied on brake...
£399.00 Excl VAT
Mobile Cloakroom Furniture

Mobile Cloakroom Trolley with storage

Base: 800 x 800 x 160mm internal height Top: 700 x 700 x 130mm internal height
£369.00 Excl VAT
Mobile Lunch Box Trolley

Mobile Lunch Box Trolley

The three trays are stepped in size as follows: Bottom tray: 600mm Middle tray: 550mm Top tray: 500mm Supplied with...
£374.00 Excl VAT
Mobile Cloakroom Trolley MCST-D

School Cloakroom Trolley with extra hooks

£440.00 Excl VAT
School Cloakroom Trolley

Single Sided Mobile Cloakroom Trolley

8 hat & coat pegs on one side only 8 compartments below
£389.00 Excl VAT
MCH - Mobile Coat Hook unit

Mobile Cloakroom Trolley – Single Sided

1520w x 1080h x 310mm deep Mobile Cloakroom Furniture 15 coat pegs with storage below for bags or lunch boxes...
£325.00 Excl VAT
Single sided cloakroom unit - MCST-C15

Mobile Cloakroom Trolley – Single Sided – 15 pegs & 15 compartments

Dimensions: 1857w x 450d x height. (Select height from the drop down list) 15 hat & coat and 15 compartments in...
£419.00 Excl VAT
Mobile Cloakroom Unit with seat and storage

Mobile Cloakroom Trolley

Mobile Cloakroom Unit with seat and storage 2 rows of 8 compartments 16 hat & coat pegs 1718w x 480mm...
£355.00 Excl VAT

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